Purchase A Fine-Art Print

Most photos on this website are available for purchase as signed, archival quality prints. Please contact me directly and tell me which photo interests you (for example "Bodyscape page, 3rd from the top"), then I will respond with full info on available sizes and options for paper type, mat, and frame. There is a significant range in prices for each photo, starting at USD 40 for a small unmatted print on photo-paper and reaching well over USD 1000 for the largest matted and framed print on the highest quality fiber paper. Therefore I prefer the direct email approach, so I can find out what matters most to you and then produce a print that meets both your expectations and budget. 

If you are in the Burlington area in Vermont, USA, then you can find two of my prints for sale at the Darkroom Gallery. These are the first two photos on the Bodyscapes page.

I also have a book for sale, called 0.7 mil Polyethylene. Some of the photos from the book can be seen on the Polyethylene Dance page.

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